RNUNL is a voice for over 5,500 registered nurses working in Newfoundland and Labrador. Led by registered nurses and inspired by registered nurses, we campaign to ensure fair and equitable working conditions for members and the delivery of high quality health care.

More Full-Time RNs Can Save a Lot

Registered Nurses play a key role in improving health care delivery. Research shows that the right RN staffing can lower costs to deliver health care and improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. RNs bring value to health care. With more Full time RNs, we can save money, improve patient outcomes and save lives.

The Clarity Project

This campaign works to protect and promote the role of registered nurses. In 2011, we discovered that RNs were struggling with a lost sense of identity in the health care system due to role clutter. RNs felt this was negatively impacting their profession and their ability to connect with patients, clients, residents and their families.

Registered Nurses. Nursing to a Higher Level.

It takes higher education and deeper understanding to know what to do at any moment; to be a registered nurse. That is the message behind this multi-media campaign, which showed how RNs use their knowledge to provide high-quality care.