October 17, 2023

Canadian nurses’ unions call to protect access to health care in Israel and Palestine conflict

We are deeply saddened by the ongoing devastation in the region, and we wish to express our support for and solidarity with nurses and health care workers who continue to deliver emergency care amid the conflict. Access to clean water and electricity must be considered vital for the civilian populations, and the targeting of health care facilities must immediately stop.

Canada’s nurses support the International Council of Nurses #NURSESFORPEACE campaign. We are immensely proud of the courage and strength of those providing much-needed medical care despite the grave dangers. As nurses we urge the Canadian government to join us and immediately call for peace, condemn attacks on health care workers and facilities, and support nurses on the front lines. Visit icn.ch to learn more and support the campaign.

As we see tensions rise across the globe, we must unite in Canada against racism, Antisemitism and Islamophobia, and collectively call for safety and peace for all.