Services Overview

Negotiations, Arbitration, & More

Learn more about the entire scope of work and support offered by the Registered Nurses’ Union Newfoundland & Labrador. Our responsibilities go far beyond negotiation and arbitration: they extend into the areas of public education, advocacy, and research.

Collective Agreement Negotiations

Negotiating a collective agreement that protects the rights of members, individually and collectively, is the primary purpose of RNUNL. A collective agreement sets out issues such as pay, hours of work, rest periods between shifts, sick leave and holidays. Throughout its history, RNUNL has negotiated many collective agreements with each being a step towards a better life for nurses and patients, clients and residents.

All RNUNL members are represented by one of four Collective Agreements.

Grievance, Mediation & Arbitration Representation

RNUNL offers assistance to members in the filing of grievances. We also represent members in mediation and arbitration. RNUNL’s labour relations team, as well as our shop stewards and branch representatives, are equipped with the resources and training to assist members in this process.


RNUNL is a dynamic learning organization. We provide a variety of educational opportunities for members’ continued professional development, and also offer training and orientation for members and volunteers. In addition, we offer a number of reference and education materials, such as the Collective Agreement CLARITY, a publication that provides interpretations of collective agreement articles.


Proposed solutions and ideas supported by the facts: that is RNUNL’s approach to achieving a quality health care system. We look at health care from every angle, exploring key issues and putting together solid background materials and proposals aimed at improving the system and enhancing the livelihood, safety and well-being of registered nurses. View our Research & Reports page to learn more.

Advocacy & Government Relations

RNUNL is always working for registered nurses and patients. We constantly monitor, lobby and speak out about workplace issues, government policies, national trends, critical health issues, and more. Visit our Advocacy section to learn more.

Support on Employment Issues

RNUNL works to protect the health and safety of members and provides support to members for a number of employment issues. This includes members with workplace injuries or members in need of special work arrangements or financial assistance.