May 9, 2023

Registered Nurses’ Union Kicks-off 2023 Nursing Week, Themed #OurNursesOurFuture

St. John’s, May 9, 2023 – The Registered Nurses Union (RNU) is proud to celebrate registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners (NPs) and all nursing providers during Nursing Week 2023, which runs from May 8-14.

“This year’s theme is “Our Nurses Our Future”, which is extremely poignant at a time when the future of our healthcare system is hanging in the balance and nurses are the glue holding so much together,” says Yvette Coffey, RNU President. “RNs and NPs are facing unimaginable challenges every day, head-on and with immense courage. They deserve to be celebrated and honoured this week…and every week.”

Nurses across the province have been working tirelessly in a strained and exasperated healthcare system. The RNU continues to advocate for its members and is working to help stabilize the system for all nurses, healthcare professionals and patients. And while Nursing Week 2023 is a time for celebration and thanking the nurses who show up every day, it’s also a time to recognize the crisis which they are navigating.

“Their dedication and the exemplary care they provide every day is worth celebrating, but the harsh realities and horrendous conditions they face are not,” Coffey says. “That is why the RNU is asking everyone to take the time to thank nurses in their lives, recognize their value and stand by them to demand better for everyone.”

RNU will celebrate its members this week with various virtual activities, like a YOGA class, a music night, an Tabata exercise class, a paint night, a cooking class, as well as special greetings, a thank you panel discussion and prize draws.

“With more than 750 vacant RN positions in our province, immediate actions are needed to improve workplace conditions and retain RNs and NPs over the coming months. Retention is key right now and we must ensure our current workforce is protected. While we celebrate our profession this week, we’re calling on decision-makers to stop the bleeding of the nurses and protect patient care,” added Coffey.