June 2, 2021

Registered Nurses’ Union Launches Campaign to Highlight Harsh Realities RNs Face and How it’s Impacting Patient Care

St. John’s – The Registered Nurses’ Union Newfoundland & Labrador (RNU) has launched a brave new media campaign to address the issues plaguing registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) and to showcase how these longstanding challenges are negatively affecting the health care system.

RNU is highlighting how a nursing shortage, unsafe staffing practices and unfair working conditions are impacting its members and their patients with a campaign entitled “More than an RN, less than enough.”

“RNs and NPs have been navigating an under-staffed and precarious health care system for far too long, working dangerously long hours and sacrificing any resemblance of a work-life balance along the way,” said Yvette Coffey, president of RNU. “This campaign shines a light on the realities of being an RN in this province, since long before COVID19. We need people to understand that we cannot wait any longer for positive change.”

The “More than an RN, less than enough” campaign, which includes videos, online ads and billboards, shows that RNs and NPs are more than their profession… they are people – with personal lives, commitments and family responsibilities.

Placing unfair expectations on valuable professionals is dangerous for everyone. RNs are going above and beyond to provide optimal patient care at the cost of their own wellbeing.

“The way our health care system is being managed and the treatment of RNs and NPs is less than enough,” added Coffey. “Our members are exhausted, frustrated and trying to find some balance in their lives. They are working 24-hour shifts, left wondering if they could have done more for their patients and facing alarming rates of workplace violence. They are also sacrificing so much of their personal lives as they desperately try to meet work demands.”

At the crux of the campaign is a message that points to a better way to operate NL’s health care system. The wellbeing of the system is linked to the wellbeing of RNs, who are the largest group of health care professionals working in all aspects of patient care.

“If we can address staffing and workload and create a system that takes care and protects those who work within it, efficiencies can be found, and patient care will improve,” said Mike Fagan, RNU Vice President. “But we can’t expect RNs and NPs to stay in Newfoundland and Labrador, working in a system that relies on overtime and understaffing.”

RNU is calling on the provincial government and employers to take action. Short term and long term solutions are needed to address inadequate staffing and the recruitment and retention of RNs and NPs.

To learn more about this important campaign, please visit www.morethananrn.ca




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