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It takes higher education and deeper understanding to be a Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses (RN) have many roles in the health care system. The central focus of RN practice is direct patient care, but RNs also work in education, administration, research and policy positions. In each role, registered nurses respond to the health needs of patients and work to build a better health care system.


RNs care for people in hospitals, long-term care homes, workplaces, schools and universities, correctional facilities, clinics and even in their homes. Whether caring for a patient at the bedside, in a home, or in the community, RNs support patients and families 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Using the principles of the nursing process, RNs gather information, set goals, perform interventions, and evaluate. They use their in-depth knowledge base and cognitive, critical thinking to make decisions, supporting patients, families and the health care system.


RNs take on leadership roles at all levels: on nursing units, within professional associations, unions, health care facilities, in our communities and our governments. They make key decisions that help shape patient care and healthy public policy.


There is always room for innovative thinking and better solutions. RNs lead formal research activities, playing a key role in assessing and researching nursing and health-care practices.


RNs develop and deliver nursing education to all nursing providers, including registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and licensed practical nurses. They provide a solid foundation for nursing practice – guiding and mentoring future nurses and supporting continuing education of all nurses.


RNs advocate for patients and a system that allows them to provide the highest quality of nursing care. They influence positive change for patients and our health care system.

Nursing is the art of combining skill, education, science and nurturing. It is the art of balancing emotional care with physical care. It is one of society’s most valuable professions.