October 7, 2016

The Clarity Project

This campaign works to protect and promote the role of registered nurses. In 2011, we discovered that RNs were struggling with a lost sense of identity in the health care system due to role clutter. RNs felt this was negatively impacting their profession and their ability to connect with patients, clients, residents and their families.

It became clear that our union had to work to create an identity for the registered nurse and this lead to the development of what we’ve been calling our Clarity Project. The Clarity Project is an initiative that strengthens RN identity and brings clarity to the role and value of the RN. We’ve focused on achieving this in three ways:

Encourage RNs to always introduce themselves as a Registered Nurse
There are different types of nurses working in health – clarify for patients what kind YOU are!

Wear unique RN uniform colours of white and black
Stand up and stand out in health care settings by wearing our RN colours with pride!

Articulate RN value
Caring is an important part of nursing, but it’s the knowledge, skill and advanced judgement of the registered nurse that patients depend on. See how RN Value makes a big difference in the lives of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.