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A Belief In & History of Collaboration

RNUNL works in collaboration with nursing, community and labour organizations provincially and across Canada. RNUNL is a member of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) and is affiliated with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).

Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU)

The CFNU acts as a national voice for nurses and strives to protect the health of patients and the national health system, as well as promote nurses and their profession at a national level. As an affiliate member, the RNUNL president sits on the national executive board. RNUNL also attends the CFNU Biennial Convention, support campaigns, and participates in research and initiatives undertaken by the CFNU.

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Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)

The CLC is the largest democratic labour organization in Canada with over three million members. Bringing together the majority of Canada’s unions in a unified, national voice, the CLC supports and educates unionists in the fight for strong workplaces, pressures governments for change, builds coalitions with likeminded groups, and strengthens solidarity between workers in Canada and other countries.

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